"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves...defend the rights of the needy." Proverbs 31:8,9

Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's Orphan Sunday

Today is Orphan Sunday. It's a day to remember and pray for all 163 million orphans in the world. It's a great day to bring awareness to others about the plight of the orphan, as well as sharing resources on how to help orphans. But don't pray for orphans today, and forget about them tomorrow! If you'd like more info, look under the tabs at the top of this blog for links. And, as always, consider opening your home to a child in need! (Do I sound like a broken record yet? :-) )
Here is a post from my family blog that shows just how much of a difference a family can make to a child:
October marks six months home for Charlie.
When we met him, he was 3.5 years old and weighed only 16 pounds. 
Charlie was very weak, and had just begun sitting up on his own. He frequently fell over. Our 1.5 hour visits completely wore him out. He had no language. He wore size 9 month pants.
When he first came home, he was quite sick. We were in the ER one week after he came home, then again 2 days later for an 8-day stay. 
Once we got him healthier, we saw the real Charlie start to come out! We found out he's smart, a good imitator, and very observant. He's a quick learner! He quickly learned his first word, "All done!". It was a long summer as we met with many specialists and dealt with lots of fevers. In his first five months home, Charlie had 5 ER visits, 3 hospital stays (not including surgery), 2 day procedures requiring full sedation, a sleep study, one failed heart surgery attempt, and numerous consults, doctor appointments, xrays, and labs. And, finally, the heart surgery we'd been waiting for! 
Now, at 6 months home, Charlie has truly blossomed. He is my Superman. He's gained a whooping 11 pounds, weighing in at 27lbs. He's now in size 24 month clothes and is finally catching up to his little brother in size! He's gained a lot of strength and energy, as well. Charlie can sit for long periods of time, roll across the room, and bear weight on his legs for up to a minute! He works really hard at physical therapy and leaves us amazed. He's learned a half dozen spoken words and around 30 signs. 

Charlie is a completely different kid than the one we met in the orphanage. He's come so far in so many ways. I am so glad God blessed me with Charlie. I love you, rock star!