"Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves...defend the rights of the needy." Proverbs 31:8,9

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I Refuse

‘Cause I don’t want to live like I don’t care.
I don’t want to say another empty prayer.
Oh, I refuse to
Sit around and wait for someone else
To do what God has called me to do myself.
Oh, I could choose
Not to move but I refuse.

I can hear the least of these
Crying out so desperately,
And I know we are the hands and feet
Of you, oh God.
So, if you say move,
Then it’s time for me to follow through,
And do what I was made to do.
Show them who you are.

I love, love, love this song by Josh Wilson.
He wrote it after the massive floods in Tennesee last year. He had been praying for the people affected, and praying that God would move people's hearts to give their resources and their time to help. Then, Mr. Wilson remembered that we are ALL called to be the hands and feet of God! He states in one of his videos, "I can't do everything, but I refuse to do nothing."
This is pretty much my mantra. I can't do everything, I can't save all the children, I can't heal all the hurts. But I absolutely REFUSE to do nothing! There are so many people in need, but even more of us who can help.
I am absolutely astounded by the number of people doing nothing.  I didn't notice until recently; I started looking around with a different view. Suddenly, my eyes were opened to the great need in the world. Before then, I was wrapped up in my own world. Then I stumbled upon hundreds of faces of little children waiting for a family, and I was crushed and hooked at the same time.
Some days, it rips my heart out that I can't save them all. There are about 76 children I would like to be a mama to! I can't save them all. But I can't do nothing.
So let's spread the word.
There's so many ways to help; which are you doing?

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Art Supplies Needed!

Vera has a family! This is great news for such a sweet little girl.

There is a group of wonderful people who minister to orphans in Ukraine. They care so much for the children, and do a great job of teaching them bible stories! Unfortunately, they don't have much money to buy art supplies. These children love the art projects - read about them and see pictures HERE. They are more than simple art projects. It's more than just drawing and gluing. These chances to create something are fused with love and hope. In the orphanages, the children's caregivers actually do care about the kids. They're not heartless. But there are no funds for toothpaste, clean mattresses, or enough food, let alone art supplies. The kids do not have anything of their own. My friends in Ukraine visit these children, who are invisible to so many, and share Jesus with them. They celebrate the children's birthdays. They show the kids something phenomenal: they matter.

And they need art supplies!
If you have anything you can donate, please let me know. Especially needed are foam paper, brads, puff balls, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners. Crayons. colored pencils, markers, and glue help too. Contact me if you have anything!

Let your light shine.  

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

These are all children how have either already been transferred to an institution, or are about to be. They need medical care, therapy, good nutrition.
They need a papa's strong arms to protect them.
They need a mama to hold them and teach them what love is.

If you can look in their eyes, tell them No, and walk away - go ahead. 

It's not possible, is it?
If you can adopt, these children and so many more are waiting. 
If you can't, there's still so much you can do! Pray for them. Donate to their grant funds. Spread the word! Tell people that these beautiful children exist, and that they need us.  

Masha Has A Family!

Sweet little Masha has a family! Praise the Lord.
AND - Vera's grant has grown! She would make a wonderful daughter! I hope someone considers her soon.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Too old for a Mom?

This weekend, my husband and I were knocked down by the flu. I have never been that sick from the flu! By the end of the day, I was quite dehydrated and had to go the emergency room for IV fluids. My husband was still too sick to take me, so I called my mom. She brought me to the hospital and stayed with me until 3am, when I was released. Even though I am a grown, married woman, I still needed my mom.

Everyday, foster children are turning 18 and aging out of the foster care system. Imagine being 18, 19, 20 and having no one to celebrate your birthday with, no one to cheer you on, no daddy to walk you down the aisle. No mom to ask how to get the stain out of your favorite shirt, no dad to help you change your oil. At the age of 18, these kids are legally adults. But no matter how old you are, you never stop needing a mom and a dad. You never grow out of the need for a family.

If you go to http://www.adoptuskids.org/, there are one hundred 18 year olds waiting for families. That doesn't include the 19 - 21 year olds also listed, and it's not a complete listing for the entire United States.

When you skim through the profiles, you can see they all want one thing - a family that loves them unconditionally. And they absolutely deserve that. Imagine not having a family to celebrate holidays with, or to help you out in tough times.

Then look into their faces, and imagine telling them "no".

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Vera needs a family!

                  Sweet Vera is almost 6 years old and needs a family quickly!

She had a family coming for her, so she was held at the baby house. But she has lost her family, and will be transferred to an institution soon if she doesn't find a family! She currently has $3000 in her grant, but she will loose this grant in April when she turns 6. Vera would make a wonderful daughter!

Read more about Vera on Reece's Rainbow or on her own special blog, http://www.iknowyouroutthereimjustwaiting.blogspot.com/.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Another Spectacular Giveaway!

Check out this blog for a HUGE giveaway! Money is being raised for Peter, a sweet little boy who really needs a family! I think I counted 18 prizes - head over and donate for Peter!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Help a Family

One easy way you can help orphans is to help families who are adopting!
Adoption is expensive, and families often host fundraisers to help with the costs. Here a few links to current fundraisers:
A family adopting two from Asia: Gift Card Giveaway

A family adopting from Eastern Europe: I-pad Giveaway
Another family adopting a little boy in EE: Handmade accessories

A family adopting from a different country in EE: Handmade jewelry

This family recently found out their daughter has been transferred to an institution: Handmade necklaces

You can also look HERE for a longer list of family fundraisers.

All of the items for sale would make great gifts! So do a little shopping, enter a few contests, and help a few families at the same time!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Miracle for Masha

There is a sweet little girl in Eastern Europe who is waiting for a family. She plays peekaboo and is about the size of my one year old son. But she's not one - she's four. And because she's four, her wait is almost over.

No, she didn't find a family. Instead, she's about to be sent to an institution. One of those institutions, miserable places where children are left alone in cribs for most of the day, fed little more than broth and hard bread, rags for clothes, if they are so lucky. And the one sweet little Masha will be sent to is one of the bad ones, an awful place. Masha needs a paper-ready family in just a few days in order to save her. Is it you? Are you able to be Masha's Miracle?
Even if you can't adopt her, you can be a part of her miracle by donating to her grant. A huge obstacle for adopting families is money; by donating to her grant you may help save her life!

Please read this blog post to learn more about institutions.