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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Recently I wrote about Anastasia, who is listed on Reece's Rainbow. She just turned 9 years old and wants (and needs!) a family of her very own. There's another little girl in her orphanage - Kate - who has also captured my heart. Kate is 7.5 years old and has down syndrome. She's a capable young girl who REALLY wants a mama. It breaks my heart knowing that these two are waiting, knowing what a mama is, and knowing they don't have one. They know they're missing something. I wonder, often, what they're thinking. Do they think it's their fault? Do they feel like no one would ever want them? Do they wonder why no one has come for them yet? Do they know they're lovable?

Oh, those girls.
I would l.o.v.e to bring them home, and snuggle with them, let them grow out their hair, read to them. I would love to teach them how deeply they are loved. It would be so long before we could give them a family. There's no reason to keep them waiting. There IS a family out there for these beautiful girls. PLEASE consider adding these girls to your family. If there is anything I can do to help a family adopting one (or both!) of these girls, I will do it! I can't wait to see these girls home.

HERE is a link to Kate's profile.
HERE is a link to Anastasia's.

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  1. I pray for Kate too. What a sweet girl. I hope she gets a family soon!