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Friday, July 15, 2011

Let's support adopting families!

I know first-hand how expensive adoption can be. Finding and raising funds is not fun, and it's embarrassing to ask for money. No one WANTS to beg for every dollar they can get. But families 
 will do whatever they can to bring home their children. People are always willing to give money and gits to families who give birth to a new baby - adopting families deserve the same! They are getting a new child in their home, and working hard to do so. Let's support them!

Diamond necklace giveaway from a family adopting two boys from Eastern Europe. They are in "crunch time" - they are leaving soon and really need to raise their final amount!

Cookie Lee Jewelry fundraiser for a family adopting a little boy in EE - also in crunch time!

31 Fundraiser for a family adopting a little girl in EE. 

Here's an Etsy shop for a family adopting from EE. Cute stuff and all proceeds go to the adoption. 

Several fundraisers going at this blog of a mom working to bring her sweet girl home.

This family urgently needs initial funds to officially commit to their child before his file is returned to his country.

Or how about an Ipad2 giveaway from a family adopting two sweeties from EE?

And here's a great fundraiser for a family adopting a sweet little boy. 


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